MAYDAY: Make up our core memories

Moments of great suffering and sadness make up our core memories. Allow them to access your limitation, extreme life curve, real pain. Go drive them to face reality with optimism. Convert experiences into soften words then others can take it for free. These are why I always keep writing. Yet, my life story have been finishing.
Do it for your life, your masterpiece.

So, what do I expect to be the next? I can’t dealing with another option except nourishing my life, exploring knowledge and creativity, driving my desires to be respectful in dedication, experiencing around the world, beginning from this archipelago (insha Allah), also recording my own history by million words, deciding to be long life educator, a writer, an explorer, a teacher? (Well, what kind of subjects are matches to be teach?) hmm..

By this post, you were welcome, May!
*The tittle is MAYDAY (not May Day)
For sure that meaning is for “calling any help” not for “celebrate the Labour Holiday”.

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